JulieMango offers you a roadmap to a healthier lifestyle based on solid nutritional principles.

JulieMango´s core is Integrative Health and Nutrition Consultancy and considers a human always in its entirety, because the body and mind belong together inseparably.

JulieMango´s drive is to make people more healthy, fit and happy, both physically and mentally and give them knowledge and tools that they can carry with them throughout life.

JulieMango works with foods and supplements  that are 100% healthy and natural. They are non-processed and free from chemicals, sugars or artificial sweeteners. 

JulieMango is delighted to introduce the multiscan. This measurement and analysis system takes you on an exciting and rewarding journey through your own individual physiology, for those who want to get in control of their health.


Hej! Tack för din omtanke med min mage!
Idag två gånger!!!!!! 
Wow! Ett nytt liv är på gång!


Great workout, Kim! Gillar din noggranna genomgång av varje rörelse. Och hur man ska få ut mest av den.


Ingen doktor eller medicin har
hjälpt mig på 20 år!
Men, så kom du!!!!


11 hours working in the garden and with no pain in my back. 
Thanks to you. First time ever. 


Health and Nutrition

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